Hazel & Violet

Hazel & Violet




My grandmothers both sewed. 

Violet, my maternal grandmother, taught me to sew clothing.  As a hat-maker and seamstress in Los Angeles, she also created my special holiday outfits.  

My father's mother, Hazel, was a traditional Midwestern quilter who gifted quilts to each of her many grandchildren in honor of their graduations and weddings.  

Inspired by these women, I took up the craft at an early age, and eventually took on the role as the family's "quilter."  As a graphic designer, I fell in love with the colors, textures, and patterns inherent in this art form. Just as my grandmother Hazel did, I have made dozens of quilts for family and friends.  Often people love receiving almost as much as I enjoy making.  The quilts I gifted to new parents were especially appreciated. These quilts are named for their recipient and featured in "Little Quilts."  This experience inspired me to offer the quilts in "Shop" as the perfect heirloom gift for wrapping a precious newborn and for using for fun and pleasure as the child grows.   I would love to make one for your special someone, baby, first or tenth grandchild — for each recipient is as unique as my quilts are.

Located in Santa Barbara, California, I can be reached: